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Musimap API

Musimap has a human-fused emotion-sensitive AI approach to music understanding.

In our database we pre-analyzed 35 million tracks and our vast knowledge-base knows about 400 genres and sub-styles, 400 moods along a 3-level hierarchy, 5 rhythmic moods, listening context (100+ situations), audio parameters such as bpm, tonality, key, and 11,000 other keywords (vocal, instrumental, female, male, soprano, ...).

With Musimap's API, you can:
- get detailed info about artists, albums, tracks
- find music with a certain genre/style
- find music for a certain mood
- get music according to bpm range, tonality etc.
- get a hierarchy (taxonomy) of genres & styles
- search for similar artists / get artist recommendations (given a seed artist)
- search for similar tracks / get song recommendations (given a seed track)
- get ID + backlinks to Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Discogs, ...
- search music along a given keyword
- etc.

Full API access + documentation (after registration) on: https://developers.musimap.net/

Questions: tom@musimap.com


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