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The Universal Music API provides three functions:
The API provides a so-called gravity measurement assigned to an artist. The gravity of an artist is the probability of future success/growth of this artist.
The API provides similar artists to an artist as well as an information to which cluster the artist belongs.
The API provides brands and interests related to an artist.

The algorithms behind this information won’t be disclosed but you can use the results J

You can search by the name of an artist or use the Spotify ID of an artist. We have added a set of SQL-like functions / logic to refine your queries. The complete API documentation can be found here:

Some ideas:
The gravity function allows you to search for unknown artists with a high probability of future success – why don’t you connect them to the Spotify API?
Did you use the Sony API to analyze your YouTube Playlist? Why don’t you connect successful playlists to brands using the Universal API?
Are you looking for similar artists to find similar tracks of the same mood using the Musimap API?

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