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The goal of our API (= MUSICRADAR) is to identify interesting (music) videos on YouTube. Hidden tracks that are worth looking out for.

You can feed our API with content (YouTube playlists, channels or single videos) and it will calculate a score for all videos on that channel/playlist, based on user engagement. At the moment there are about 20k videos already “in the pool”. They can already be accessed through the API. So you can work just with those or add new content to be analyzed. There are also some filter options provided by the API.

You can download our API documentation here / below this text.

It is up to you what you do with the data. But we would recommend to additionally prepare to make use of the YouTube API. For example you might want to fetch a YouTube user’s subscriptions (channels he or she follows) in order to insert them into the MUSICRADAR API (where those channels can then be analyzed).
So as a preparation for the hackday, make sure to be familiar with the YouTube API, as well as the authentification guide (OAuth 2.0 - and get your YouTube API key and application registered in advance (see

An Example of how to retrieve a user’s subscriptions:

Documentation is here:

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